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PEPPOL BIS v1- optional

This page includes the PEPPOL BIS v1 specifications and resources which become optional from September 1st, 2014, and will be gradually phased out, according to the OpenPEPPOL Migration Plan.

PEPPOL PostAward overview: 

Introduction to the Post Award BIS: ICT-PostAward-PEPPOL_BIS_Guideline-100.pdf


PEPPOL PostAward BIS: specifications and guidelines:

PEPPOL PostAward BIS: specifications and guidelines:
BIS Doc. type Specifications / Guidelines
BIS 1a Catalogue Specification: 
BIS 3a Order Specification: 
BIS 4a Invoice Specification: 
BIS 5a Billing Specification: 
BIS 6a Procurement Specification: 









PEPPOL PostAward BIS: implementation support:


BIS implementation support
Transaction    Doc. type Schematron / Stylesheets / Test files
SubmitOrder Schematron: 
Test files:
OrderResponse Schematron:
SubmitInvoice Schematron: 
Test files:
CorrectWithCredit Schematron: 
Test files:
CorrectWithDebit Schematron: 
Test files:
SubmitCatalogue Schematron: 
Test files:


















Business process execution language files:
PEPPOL BIS Business Process Excution language
BIS 1a Catalogue
BIS 3a Order
BIS 4a Invoice
BIS 5a Billing  
BIS 6a Procurement









Testing and Validation support:

Guideline on validation of XML: ICT-PostAward-BIS_Validation_Artifacts-200.pdf

Peppol testing for post award implementations: ICT-PostAward-Conformance_Guideline-301.pdf

CEN BII resources:

PEPPOL BIS specifications are based on CEN BII profile specifications.

BII Profile specifications:
CEN BII Profile xls html
BII01 - Catalogue only xls html
BII03 - Order Only xls html
BII04 - Invoice only xls html
BII05 - Billing xls html
BII06 - Procurement xls html







Other PEPPOL resources:


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