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PEPPOL BIS v2 - mandatory

This page includes the list of PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) v2. The use of the listed PEPPOL BIS v2 is mandatory from May 23, 2016, according to the OpenPEPPOL Migration Plan, and are formally approved by the OpenPEPPOL Managing Committee.


PEPPOL BIS Common text and introduction

PEPPOL BIS 1A Catalogue Only

PEPPOL BIS 3A Order Only



PEPPOL BIS 28A Ordering

PEPPOL BIS 30A Despatch Advice

PEPPOL BIS 36A Message Level Response


OpenPEPPOL Validation Artefacts published for review

Last Update: 05-10-2016

The fall release package has now been published for review. The main change is an updated validation package, see release notes for details.

Fall Release Package (save the zip-file locally to review it).

20160310 -PEPPOL_BIS_1a-402

PEPPOL BIS Common text and introduction - ver 1 2014-04-14

Time plan:

2016-10-05 Publish for review

2016-11-03 Deadline for submitting comments

2016-11-15 (12:00 CET) Publish for release & mandatory use

Date for mandatory use is Tuesday 15th of November 2016 12:00 CET.

Validation artefacts are the tools that help parties and service providers to comply with the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIA) as they help ensuring that the contents of the exchanged document instances in the PEPPOL network are valid both from a syntactical and semantic point of view. These business rules check for the correctness of the coded values, co-occurrence constraints or calculations. It is therefore necessary to use them before submitting documents to the network, in order to ensure the overall quality of exchanged electronic documents, and thus the overall performance of the network

Earlier releases of Validation Artefacts can be found at: OpenPEPPOL Validation Artefacts

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