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Transport Infrastructure

This page provides overview for publicly available specifications and resources for PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure.

PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure overview:

PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure specifications:

PEPPOL Infrastructure specifications:
Document Specifications
Busdox ICT-Transport-BusDox_Definitions-101.pdf
The SML ICT-Transport-SML_Service_Specification-101.pdf
The SMP ICT-Transport-SMP_Service_Specification-101.pdf
The AS2 protocol ICT-Transport-AS2_Service_Specification-2014-01-15.pdf
Policy for using identifiers PEPPOL_Policy for use of identifiers-300.pdf
Envelope specifications ICT-Transport-OpenPEPPOL-Envelope_Specification-100_2014-01-15.pdf









PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIA):

Library of Transport Infrastructure Agreements (for sample purposes only). You can obtain the appropriate set of agreements from your chosen PEPPOL Authority.

Please see the list of PEPPOL Authorities for further information at a national level and their representatives to contact for obtaining and signing the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements.

You can sign the TIA with any PEPPOL Authority but we recommend you choose an Authority in the country where your business is registered. Alternatively, if there is no PEPPOL Authority in your country, you could sign the TIA with OpenPEPPOL as the Authority and re-contract at a later date when an Authority is established nationally. In this case, please contact to obtain the appropriate agreements.


PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure - implementation support:

CEF e-Delivery
The Directorate-General for Informatics of the European Commission maintains sample implementation of OpenPEPPOL’s transport infrastructure. This implementation aims at providing a generic solution for public administrations to exchange documents in a secure, reliable and trusted way. The CEF e-Delivery solution provides the following components: Access Points, Service Metadata Publishers (SMPs) and Service Metadata Locator (SML).

Oxalis is a PEPPOL sample implementation for Access Points, which is used extensively in the PEPPOL community.


Software libraries:
Source code libraries Doc. type Source code library / Developer guide
CEF e-Delivery

Source code: 
Developer guide:
Oxalis Source code: 
Developer guide:







Link to list of PEPPOL Access Point Providers and Additional Software for Implementations



Other support documents:

Other PEPPOL resources:

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