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Technical Specifications

This section includes the necessary technical specifications and resources used to implement PEPPOL-compliant solutions and services.

The Transport Infrastructure section provides specifications and resources to enable access to the PEPPOL network and implement the following components: Access Points, gateways which ensure a standard and solid transport mechanism to exchange different types of documents across different communities or countries; Service Metadata Publishers (SMPs), which contain the exact location and the capabilities of participants; Service Metadata Locator (SML), used to add/update/delete the IDs of the participants, and which offers a DNS-based mechanism to discover the SMP where the specific participant data is described.

The Post-Award section contains the PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) which are typically exchanged in post-award eProcurement processes: e-Catalogues, e-Orders, e-Despatch Advices and e-Invoices.


Please click here to download the OpenPEPPOL Migration Policy.

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