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Electronic invoicing is the automated process of issuing, sending, receiving and processing invoice data by electronic means. Creating efficiency and cost reductions, eInvoicing can also unleash significant resources for further value-added tasks and innovations. Since 2005, many EU Member States have started to make eInvoicing mandatory to the public sector, increasing adoption at the national level.


eInvoicing links two important value chains, the procurement and the payment process. However, it is governed by different country-specific legislation and may be subject to processes and standards specific to regions or industries, often creating barriers to cross-border trade.


PEPPOL has developed solutions that make it possible for economic operators (suppliers) to submit cross-border electronic invoices to any contracting authority within Europe.  


To realise this vision, PEPPOL  delivered:

  • eInvoicing specifications for cross-border trade, based on the work carried out in the CEN BII workshops

  • Open platform for document exchange via the PEPPOL transport infrastructure


PEPPOL enables interoperability by lowering the organisational, semantic and technical barriers. Moreover, PEPPOL provides the opportunity for contracting authorities and their suppliers reach the wider EU market, while benefiting from increased opportunities and efficiencies.

For developers implementing the PEPPOL eInvoicing and/or other Post Award components, related specifications and resources are available in Post Award Resources.



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