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List of PEPPOL Authorities

As of 1st November 2014, the PEPPOL Authorities are:

1. Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi)

Contact: Olav A. Kristiansen:

For more information about PEPPOL adoption in Norway, click here


2. Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV)

Contact: Sören Pedersen:

For more information about PEPPOL adoption in Sweden, click here


3. Danish Agency for Digitisation (DIGST)

Contact: Sven Rasmussen:


4. Simplerinvoicing Foundation

Contact: Kolette Visser:

For more information about Simplerinvoicing and PEPPOL, click here

See related announcement:  "Simplerinvoicing becomes a PEPPOL Authority"


5. National Health Service (NHS) in England

Contact: Andy Bishop:

For more information about NHS and PEPPOL click here

See related announcement: "DH to act as the PEPPOL Authority for the NHS in England"


6. Fedict – the Federal Public Service for Information and Communication Technology in Belgium

Contact: Serge Libert:

See related announcement: "Fedict becomes the Belgian PEPPOL Authority"


7. AGID - Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale

Contact: Fabio Massimi:

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