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PEPPOL infrastructure recommended for e-procurement in Sweden

by Carmen Ciciriello created on Dec 02, 2014 01:15 PM
The SFTI board of directors is recommending use of the PEPPOL infrastructure for e-procurement in the post-award phase. The PEPPOL infrastructure will facilitate the exchange of electronic messages between large groups of suppliers and contracting authorities in Sweden.

Single Face To Industry (SFTI) is a joint initiative in the Swedish public sector to promote and facilitate e-procurement. SFTI had previously decided to use PEPPOL as the messaging standard for documents like electronic catalogue, purchase order and invoice which are united under the concept of Svehandel. SFTI has recently decided to also recommend the use of the PEPPOL network for electronic procurement, which enables connected buyers and suppliers to easily communicate with each other.

– I am very pleased to hear that SFTI now recommends the PEPPOL infrastructure as it will create more attraction in Sweden for joining PEPPOL. Another positive fact is that the suppliers of government framework agreement for e-procurement, concluded by the Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV), now will connect to PEPPOL for those authorities, who have called off, on the actual framework agreement, says Sören Pedersen, project manager at ESV responsible for PEPPOL in Sweden.

The new infrastructure will not only make national e-procurement easier but also cross border. We see Norway as an example where the entire public sector is already reachable through the PEPPOL infrastructure. 
Sweden is now in the right phase of maturity to recommend the PEPPOL infrastructure. This will allow for an even more simplified and cost-effective transformation to e-procurement and e-invoicing. It will also bring new opportunities for e-procurement in the Nordic countries and for the rest of Europe. The decision in Norway to use this infrastructure has already resulted in a substantial increase of e-invoicing, says Kerstin Wiss Holmdahl, responsible for promoting e-procurement at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.

– We see the recommendation of PEPPOL infrastructure by SFTI as another important step towards full PEPPOL implementation in the Swedish public sector, says André Hoddevik, Secretary General of OpenPEPPOL. Other countries can follow the Swedish example and connect their national infrastructure to PEPPOL, and if they are in the process of establishing a national infrastructure for e-procurement, they should consider using PEPPOL as their starting point. Support is available both from OpenPEPPOL and from the European Commission through CEF (Connecting Europe Facility), he concludes.


About SFTI
The aim of SFTI is to recommend standards for e-procurement in the public sector. SFTI participates in international standardisation initiatives and in particular the standardisation workshop CEN/BII 3. SFTI is led and coordinated by The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL), the Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV) and the Swedish Competition Authority (Konkurrensverket).


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