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PEPPOL Developments in Austria

by Carmen Ciciriello created on Jan 14, 2015 10:55 PM
The use of PEPPOL-based solutions for eInvoicing is increasing in Austria, with over 5.000 public entities now able to receive eInvoices through the PEPPOL network. Large vendors, including Hewlett Packard, are also reaping the benefits of using a standardised data exchange.

eInvoicing to the Austrian Federal Government is mandatory since January 1st, 2014. All suppliers of the Austrian Federal Government are obliged to use eInvoices according to the Austrian ICT consolidation law1 and PEPPOL is an accepted method for eInvoicing.

In particular, electronic invoices based on the PEPPOL specifications can be transmitted to the Austrian Federal Government by foreign and domestic suppliers using the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure. The electronic invoice is then directly submitted to the accounting system of the Austrian Federal Government. PEPPOL is already an integral part of the national eInvoicing developments.

As of today, approximately 5.000 public sector users are enabled as PEPPOL receivers in Austria.  Other public sector entities are being integrated (e.g. states, municipalities and government owned companies) into the invoicing solution, on a voluntary basis. The list of PEPPOL receivers is publicly available.

A centralised public PEPPOL Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) is currently in use and managed by the Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ), the IT service provider of the Austrian federal administration, which also provides PEPPOL support on a best-effort basis.

BRZ has been managing, on behalf of OpenPEPPOL, the only centralised component of the PEPPOL network, the Service Metadata Locator, a task which should be handed over to the European Commission, under the Connecting Europe Facility2, the new EU invest programme.

We are pleased to see increased usage of PEPPOL solutions in Austria, which has always been a key supporter of our activities and contributed to our success. We are confident that the Connecting Europe Facility will provide further incentives to foster PEPPOL adoption in Austria, and in other member states – André Hoddevik, OpenPEPPOL Secretary General.

An example of successful PEPPOL implementation is provided by Hewlett Packard3 (HP), the first vendor to implement eInvoicing with the Austrian Federal Government, since January 2014. The “E-Rechnung” solution provides a fully automated process to send invoices from HP directly into all federal ministries using PEPPOL.

The PEPPOL infrastructure allows a very flexible as well as standardised data exchange, and represents a stable and easy to use environment. The setup to reach the Austrian government was a straightforward business, a standardized European format via PEPPOL. HP is proud to continue to support successful customer eInvoicing solutions – Mr. Bonwetsch, Program Manager, EMEA eInvoicing Program Direct Accounts, Hewlett Packard.

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