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New opportunity to offer PEPPOL Access Point services in the UK

by Clara Moller-Nielsen created on Jan 21, 2016 09:40 AM
The UK Minister for the Cabinet Office acting through Crown Commercial Service has published a prior information notice for PEPPOL Access Point services.

PEPPOL Access Point providers have now the opportunity to offer a comprehensive service to NHS, UK Central Government departments and the wider Public Sector, including SMEs and new market entrants, to enable customers to send electronic purchase orders and receive e-invoices, through PEPPOL compliant Access Points.

The contracting authority will carry out pre-market engagement. Organisations interested to participate in this activity should send an email to: by 27th of January 2016.

This notice complements the recent Government announcement to invest £12 million across six demonstrator sites to accelerate the implementation of electronic procurement systems.

The six demonstrator sites in Derby, Salisbury, North Tees, Cornwall, Plymouth and Leeds have been selected, which will see every product given a GS1 barcode, from medical items such as pacemakers to day-to-day items such as stationary. This procurement programme is part of a wider project, which will see every NHS Trust in the country using this model by 2020/21[1].

OpenPEPPOL welcomes this opportunity and encourages its members to support the NHS and the wider UK public and private sector for the adoption of PEPPOL messages for electronic orders and invoices to be exchanged through the network of Access Point providers.

The notice is available on TED at:

[1] Source:

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