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Call for participation in PEPPOL Invoice pre-study

by Clara Moller-Nielsen created on Dec 07, 2016 12:50 PM
OpenPEPPOL has issued a mandate to engage in a “Pre-study on the use of the European standard (EN) on the semantic data model for the core elements of an electronic invoice and relevant syntax bindings in PEPPOL”.

The intended outcome of the work is a Pre-study document, outlining different alternatives for how the European standard and syntax bindings can be implemented in PEPPOL, including a recommendation on the way forward.

The following work plan is intended for this pre-study:

Team lead is Georg Birgisson.

Time line:

Start: December 20th 2016

End: March 31st 2017

Phase 1 – Scope and disposition of the pre-study.

Phase 2 – Pre-study.

  • Assessment of the European standard including a gap analysis.
  • Impact analysis including migration strategies.
  • Drafting of alternative approaches and recommendations.

Phase 3 - Public Review and comment resolution.

Please note that actual upgrade of any PEPPOL BIS documents will not be part of this pre-study work and any technical analysis and mappings should be restricted to what is required for evaluating the different alternatives.

The team work will take place through weekly 60 to 90 minute on-line meetings with offline work between meetings to be contributed by participants on volunteer bases. Participants may contribute by participating in discussions during the on-line meetings, through review of deliverable or by more direct work on creating the deliverable. Depending on their availability.

The first team meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday December 20th 2016 at 10:30 to 12:00 CET.

Those who are interested in participating or monitoring the pre-study work are asked to register by using the following link. Those who register will be added to the team mailing list that will be used for communication during the team work. If you have any questions please contact Georg Birgisson at

Registration link:

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