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OpenPEPPOL Meeting

The members of the OpenPEPPOL Transport Infrastructure and Post-Award coordinating communities will meet in Dublin to progress work on their current tasks.

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May 07, 2014 09:00 AM to
May 08, 2014 05:00 PM


Dublin, Ireland

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Draft Agenda

OpenPEPPOL F2F, Dublin May 7-8, day 1

Common session (09.00-12.00):

- The vision for OpenPEPPOL – where we are in 2, 5 and 10 years from now


             - Status of e-Invocing in Europe
             - The e-SENS project
             - CEF Work Program

-  Who does what? What are the overlapping areas? And what are the    alternative foreseeable options going forward?     

            -  WS with the purpose of capturing ideas and visions
                Post Award
                Business model
                Coverage ("cont'd e-Procurement focus" and/or "adopting and embracing new industries"?)
                Alignment with CEF and e-SENS
  -  OpenPEPPOL Governance & Lifecycle management framework, status
                  Publication Policy
                  Migration policy status
                         Post Award
                  Change Management
                  Change management Board
                  Versioning Policy
                  Alignment with national level organizations
  - Support
  -  Monitoring and status reporting (fault and error reporting)
  -  Verification services – status
  - The wish list
        WS with the purpose of capturing and prioritizing missing or incomplete areas we need to address

Post Award (13.00-15.00):

   -  PEPPOL BIS – using and implementing the new specifications, status
   -  Adopting PEPPOL BIS as the national level specifications, example from Sweden
   -  Presentation of the Post Award Change management board
          Outline of how to handle RfC (Request for Change)
   -  Planning ahead; what can we expect from BII 3 and when? E-SENS and the formation CEF – opportunities.
   -  Collaboration – how can be work together without compromising business integrity?

Transport Infrastructure (15.00-17.00):

   -  TICC status and tasks
        AS2 Roll-out
        Conformance and other services
        Test PKI

    - Change management board
    - Planning ahead

    -  e-SENS e-Delivery achitecture and Pilot opportunities
    -  Update of PEPPOL TIA


OpenPEPPOL F2F, Dublin May 7-8, day 2

    - Interoperability workshop (09.00-15.00)

    - Prerequisites:
        Gateway developers present
        Purpose: verify interoperability – identify issues – build knowledge - implementer

    - Tentative: parallel session – content to be announced.



Please find below the link to the meeting location:

Regular bus services goes to the City Centre and takes about 15 mins.

The location is near the Airport (10mins by bus) and two nearby Hotels (10 min walk to meeting) have a free shuttle.  They are the Crowne Plaza and the Holiday Inn


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