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Facilitating Trade in the Digital Economy

This conference will provide an opportunity for business and public administration practitioners to engage in a constructive dialogue on the regulatory and practical issues that arise when paper-based trade and administrative processes are replaced with ICT-facilitated interactions. An OpenPEPPOL member (Tim McGrath , Tradeshift) will present PEPPOL developments.

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Apr 08, 2014 08:15 AM to
Apr 09, 2014 04:40 PM


Geneva, Switzerland

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Topics to be discussed

Country-specific examples [e.g. from the Asia-Pacific (APEC region), BRICS (Brazil, Russian, India, China and South Africa), European Union and the Americas] of regulation and mandatory administrative interfaces for tax, customs, public procurement and other areas.

  •     Options for regulated or government-operated preauthorization systems
  •     Compulsory agreements between market players
  •     Localization and related requirements
  •     Authentication mechanisms, ID Management and security
  •     How current practices influence business global data integration strategies worldwide.



Who should attend?

  •     Business trade, finance, supply chain, logistics, tax and legal practitioners
  •     Government regulators
  •     Representatives from State-operated or regulated administrative reporting or clearance service
  •     Policy makers
  •     Representatives of civil society
  •     Academics


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