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How to get started for Service Providers

This section provides some helpful step-by-step guidelines for Service Providers getting started with PEPPOL.

IT service providers may offer any number of services from data conversion (‘any-to-PEPPOL BIS’ format), transaction monitoring, data archiving or by providing simple web-based input forms to enable SMEs, but generally service providers start by becoming PEPPOL Access Point and Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) providers – for which the following steps apply:

Step 1. Membership of OpenPEPPOL is mandatory for Access Point and SMP providers.  See the 'How to Join" section for more information.

Step 2. Access Point and SMP providers must also enter into the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreement (TIA) with a recognised PEPPOL Authority.  A list of existing PEPPOL Authorities can be found here.

Note: It is important for potential Access Point and SMP providers to visit the 'Transport Infrastructure' section of this website (see link below) where details can be found about how the PEPPOL network is structured, how it is governed, the role of an Access Point and/or SMP provider, and the relationship with the respective PEPPOL Authority. It also includes a section on 'How to become a PEPPOL Access Point' where some key technical and business considerations are outlined.

Transport Infrastructure

Step 3. The service provider then needs to review the technical specifications related to the PEPPOL Transport Network (the BusDox specifications) to ensure they have the appropriate infrastructure (hardware/software) and the necessary technical expertise in place.

Transport Infrastructure Resources

In addition to supporting the appropriate communication protocols, PEPPOL Access Point providers are required to support the Post-Award PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) in order to provide PEPPOL-compliant file exchange services to prospective buyers and suppliers.

Post-Award Elements:
- eCatalogue (for use in the ordering process)
- eOrder
- eInvoice

Note: All electronic documents in the Post-Award section must be exchanged between sending and receiving Access Points within the PEPPOL network.

Post-Award resources

PEPPOL Access Point Providers may also choose to support the PEPPOL Pre-Award elements (eCatalogue for tendering use, or the Virtual Company Dossier) or the eSignature validation service which does not require use of the PEPPOL network.


Step 4. When the appropriate membership and Transport Infrastructure agreements have been signed and submitted , they are reviewed for completeness and approved/signed (if accepted) in the next management committee meeting.  Upon notification of approval, the prospective Access Point provider can request the PKI certificate from the PEPPOL Authority and commence the technical set up and testing.


Step 5. The service provider is then added to the list of PEPPOL Access Point providers on the OpenPEPPOL website – to be visible to all suppliers and buyers requiring PEPPOL Access Point services.

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