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OpenPEPPOL Communities

This section provides information about the activities planned for 2014 by the OpenPEPPOL Coordinating Communities (CCs): Transport Infrastructure, Post-Award, Pre-Award and e-Signature.


OpenPEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community (TICC)

The overall focus for TICC in 2014 will be covering these topics:

• Market adoption and scalability
• Interoperability and Service
• Long Term Sustainability

Market adoption and network scalability

• Migration to AS/2 messaging protocol
• On boarding of new communities/PEPPOL Authorities
• Support Industry Vertical and Legacy Transactions

The AS/2 implementation will support efficient high volume transaction use cases and be a secure basis for extending the PEPPOL network to new communities in procurement and reaching into new Industry segments. For Service Providers the PEPPOL network can be a valuable asset also for carrying Legacy Transactions and we need to explore ways to support this together with aim of securing interoperability based on PEPPOL BIS specifications

The recruitment of PEPPOL Authorities in a growing number of countries is essential for scaling the governance structure and securing resources in the process.

Interoperability and Services

• Test-PKI for enrollment
• Interoperability test for AP’s
• SML Operation and Services
• Support Services Processes

After successfully completing the PKI migration the use of test-PKI in the enrolment process and systems compliance is now being included in the set op services available. In addition on going Interoperability test for  AP’s as well as continued focus on SML and Support Services and Proccess we will secure the continued operation of services.

Long Term Sustainability

• Collaboration with EC/DG DIGIT
• e-SENS e-Delivery Piloting
• e-Invoicing infrastructure for EU focus
• Standardization process in Oasis/BDXR

The Long Term efforts to secure and evolve the PEPPOL network and operations is supported by the fruitful cooperation with DG DIGIT and Open Source implementations and engagement with EC activities and projects (e-SENS, e-Invoicing multi-stakeholder Forum) and relevant international Standards Organisations.

Post-Award Coordinating Community (PoACC)

During 2013, most of the efforts within in the PoACC were focused on development and updates of the PEPPOL BIS according to new underlying specifications from CEN (BII 2.0) and OASIS (UBL 2.1). Work on establishing a Life Cycle management and Governance framework was also initiated 2013.

The focus for 2014 in the PoACC will be the following:
• Transition of the developed / updated PEPPOL BIS as the new / upcoming current version of the PEPPOL BIS as defined in a Migration Policy that will be established no later than Q1, 2014.
• Long-term sustainability: finalizing the individual elements that together form the framework for Governance and Life Cycle management.
• Support: fine tuning and making necessary additions to the support framework (in cooperation with the OO).
• Adoption: continued and in some cases increased efforts to accelerate the use of PEPPOL BIS among the current and potential stakeholders.

Adoption and marketing – general observation

Given the upcoming EU e-Invoice directive, the PoACC needs to be engaged in the efforts on political level. It is important, for many obvious and less obvious reasons, that the PoACC community has plenty of knowledge and experience to bring to the table on this issue. Conversely, it is important that the community is informed of the progress and given a chance to respond to any major developments that might potentially affect the business and general situation pertinent to post award.

The PoACC also needs to continue the efforts to engage its members even more. One of the goals of 2014 is to reintroduce bi-weekly meetings. This is an important measure to ensure that everyone in the CC is fully aware of ongoing developments and that any suggestions are immediately captured.

Post Award activities 2014

PEPPOL BIS rollout
Early 2014, the new / updated PEPPOL BIS will become optionally available to the PEPPOL community. In order to transition PEPPOL BIS, the following activities are necessary to execute:

  • Publication of the PEPPOL BIS and subsequent communication of their availability
  • Finalization of a Migration Policy (as part of the long term sustainability efforts)

Long term Sustainability efforts

  • Governance & Life Cycle management
  • Change & release policy
  • Migration policy
  • Versioning policy
  • Support process


Pre-Award Coordinating Community (PrACC)

During 2013, the main efforts within in the PrACC  have been focused on setting up the Community by the following actions:
• Recruitment of new members
• Establishing workgroups in three areas: e-tendering; Virtual Company Dossier; E-Catalogues
• Initiating the WG activities by aligning PrACC priorities with e-Procurement piloting opportunities in the eSENS project.

In 2014, the focus of the PrACC will be to enlarge the PrACC and enhance its scope by:

• Seizing opportunities in accordance with the New Directive on Public Procurement to strengthen the leading role for OpenPeppol;
• Engaging and supporting Public authorities with the responsibility to implement the e-Procurement Directive in their countries;
• Expanding OpenPEPPOL Recruitment and Onboarding scope to include Public Sector entities with national responsibility to set and implement national e-Procurement strategies, including compliance with new Directive (e.g. Central Purchasing Bodies)
• Sustaining Community alignment adequacy  with New Directive on Public Procurement;
• Implementing the CEN/BII 3 specifications on Pre-award processes;
• Launching a CEN/BII 3 Request for Change to on Preaward specifications;
• Liaising with the European Commission.

Adoption and marketing – general observation

Given the upcoming EU Public Procurement directive, the PrACC needs to be engaged in the political level efforts. The PrACC also needs to continue its effort to engage its members.

For the e-Tendering Working Group:

  1. Work and implementing with CEN/BII profiles, possibly by the use e-SENS for piloting;
  2. CEN/BII  for a Request for Call on Preaward OpenPeppol specifications and Preaward BIs  identifiers

For the Virtual Company Dossier Working Group:

  • Evaluation on BIS for VCD Contracting Authority template and for the VCD submitted by Economic Operators or  compounded BIS including different steps in the business process;
  • VCD reference implementation:
    • Development of Criterion Editor as CA interface for e-Notification
    • Update of VCD Designer/Builder for full CEN/BII compliance
  • Semantic mapping of qualification evidences to support Virtual Company Dossier operations, building on the CEMS semantic engine transferred from PEPPOL.
    • Support to e-Prior for re-using VCD in their e-Qualification project
    • Common project with DG MARKT on using the VCD semantic mapping approach for an enhanced eCertis;
  • Possible use of VCD/OCD consolidated BBs from e-SENS

For the e-Catalogues Working Group:

  • Semantic interoperability and mapping of eCatalogues
  • Creating a mapping service between the major classification systems;

For all Working Groups:

  • Co-ordinate OpenPEPPOL Preaward related activities in e-SENS.
  • Process all request for change to the pre-award VCD specifications.
  • Pre-award BIS projects.
  • Further development of core services supporting pre-award e-Procurement.


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