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The main goals of OpenPEPPOL are to:
  1. Encourage European governments and their suppliers to continue implementing eProcurement, by using the PEPPOL specifications and promoting best practices.
  2. Encourage the development of innovative PEPPOL-based ICT products and services, promoting the use of PEPPOL in the Business to Business domain in order to harmonise processes across the private and public sectors, thus simplifying eProcurement adoption for small and medium sized enterprises.
  3. Ensure that the PEPPOL network continues to grow in an open, accessible and compliant manner, supporting interoperability for European public services and helping Europe move towards a Digital Single Market.
For more information about OpenPEPPOL and its structure, please see the OpenPEPPOL Statutes.
Click here to watch a video about OpenPEPPOL.


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